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Written/sketched in 2001: The Canadian National Railway station at Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon has been "saved" – that is, moved away from the tracks and spared immediate demolition. It is in rather dilapidated shape, but indications are the community and various commercial sponsors will rehabilitate it.

It is, I believe, a "second-class" station on the Canadian Northern Pacific line (amalgamated into the CNR after the First World War) indicating the status of Boston Bar as a divisional point on the railway--a similar significance to North Bend on the CPR on the other side of the Fraser River. As such, it is probably quite a rare survivor, compared with the third-class stations such as the beautifully restored one at Fort Langley.

From Crystal Kimber, 2013: Please help get the word around about Tuckkwiowhum Village in Boston Bar. We have recently erected a Teepee Village on site at the historic village for corporate retreats and team-building sessions. the teepees are available to groups for overnight accommodations. We also offer conference facilities, full service longhouse and catered meals. Indoor toilets and showers.

From Joan Blakeborough, 2012: Here is the poster for our May Day Celebrations.

From Joan Blakeborough, 2011: There isn't much new, the CNR made an agreement with the Enhancement Society regarding the building. So they have the building on a lease. But they are still negotiating about the land that it sits on. All the documents were submitted, but then the contact person changed so that had to start again and resubmit. This has been going on ever since I moved here in 1997. There is still a member working on it Gerald Rougeau, and progress is checked on at each meeting. So far nothing definite has been worked out. If I hear of the settlement I will let you know.

From Joan Blakeborough, 2002: Next year the Boston Bar-North Bend Historical Society would like to have a Boston Bar North Bend community re-union at their May Day celebrations on May 24, 2003 weekend. Perhaps with your web page we can let others know about this. We are also working on the May Day Queens dating back to Mabel Smith in 1927 to the present. We have pictures of most of the Queens now but still need clarification on some dates and names. At the re-union we will have a slide show of the Queens as well as the albums for people to browze through.

Note from Mandi Kerr-Fountain: I grew up in Boston Bar and lived there till I was 18-- I am now 30, a little bit after the timeline that you are researching ... I do, however wonder if my grandmother would be of help to any of the people listed on the site. I will copy out the website-sans pictures and see if she, Mary Rankin-Chalmers can help with any things or if she has some pictures of Boston Bar/North Bend of that era in the Fraser Canyon. My grandfather was the Superintendant of the road back then and I wonder if there is any connections between when they lived in Boston Bar and the times that you all are researching.  I love to hear her stories still and as she has just turned 86 I believe that her history and the things that she has seen should be taken down before too much longer...

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