"The Reporter and the Winnipeg General Strike"
By Michael Dupuis

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A few of the illustrations for Michael Dupuis' novel set during the Winnipeg General Strike in 1919, published in 2020.

All were done in pencil, adjusted in Photoshop to increase the contrast, and most were in this vertical format to fit the 6 x 9 inch book page.

The young reporter William Patterson gets his assignment from the publisher of the Toronto Star

He's ejected from the headquarters of the right-wing Citizens' Committee

Strikers tip over a streetcar in front of Winnipeg City Hall

Memories of the Spanish flu in a soldiers' ward the previous year: 1918

A police killing of a demonstrator near the end of the strike

Patterson explores Winnipeg's ethnically diverse North End.

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Artwork and text ©Michael Kluckner, for use by Michael Dupuis, 2020

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