Spilt Ink: New Projects, False Starts and Failed Attempts

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This page is specifically not to do with my own (for sale) artwork, published books or travel paintings ...

Instead, here are some overviews and oddities, including commissioned illustration jobs for other people, in reverse chronological order and ending with relics from the 1970s.

Art for The Bund, a graphic history of the remarkable secular-Jewish labour and cultural movement in the Russian Empire of the 19th and early 20th centuries – Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Russia itself.

 Monsieur Maillardville, a story for young adults by Marie-Laure Chevrier about a man named Johnny Dicaire who was a key member of the Québec-French enclave of Maillardville in the Coquitlam suburb of Vancouver. Published in French and English in 2021.

Michael Dupuis' historical novel on the Winnipeg General Strike, published in 2020 with commissioned illustrations by me. An interesting way to present a novel and bring the characters to life.

Lowering Simon Fraser, a 2019 conceptual art project with New Zealand artist Maddie Leach.

2017 article in Amphora magazine about my career, which opens as a pdf.

Notes from the Long Paddock, a book project about Australian architecture and the similarities and differences with the North American landscape that almost got published.

Explaining Australia – a book project that was abandoned in 2009.


Van Ordinaire, an unpublishable book about owning and travelling in a vintage VW bus, 1998ish.

Cartoons for daily newspapers in Vancouver and Victoria 1979–80.

Cartoons and drawings at BCIT, 1976-81.

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Artwork and text ©Michael Kluckner 1977-2020

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