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"Colour delights only salesmen and magazines" – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Lack of colour is so liberating – I have been using brush and Chinese ink for more than 20 years, occasionally as book illustration (as in my 2000 book Wise Acres and 2012 Vanishing Vancouver – see my book page). There are scattered examples of it elsewhere on this site, notably in the Australian campervan trip, the Australian painting page, and in a handful of the trips catalogued on the travel page.

There were also a number in my 2017 show, most of which sold.

Most of the pictures below, set in reverse chronological order, are true "chiaroscuro" i.e. light-dark with no intermediate tones; they are the most interesting as compositions because of the challenge of creating an image where only shadows enclose space and create form, without any outlines, and where there is no atmospheric perspective at all – just geometric perspective. My arty friends tend to be more impressed by them. They definitely fit the polarized urban environment of rich-poor Vancouver.

However, I have begun to experiment with an ink stick and stone that I bought in Taiwan several years ago; in this more traditional way of painting, the space is modelled partly by tone and partly by composition.

These are all for sale, of course. Use the "Contact Me" link above for prices, etc.

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Mayne Island Shoreline, 11 x 7 1/4 inches, in a frame, 2022

Old Growth/Second Growth 1, 11 x 7 1/4 inches, 2022

Old Growth/Second Growth 2, 11 x 7 1/4 inches, 2022

Coast Dock, 7 1/4 x 11 inches, 2022

Kits Beach Sunset, 11 1/4 x 7-1/2 inches, 2018, SOLD

Two scrolls of Finn Slough in late winter, 2019
(Ink stick and Chinese ink with brush, laminated onto mulberry paper)
The one on the right is SOLD.

Savary Island coastcard, 2018. SOLD

  Coastcards #2, 4 images in frames, about 33 x 26 inches.

Coastcards #1, 2018, SOLD

2018, Shore pines & two hammocks, SOLD



2020, the old Ming Wo storefront on East Pender in Chinatown.

2018 Winter Back Lane

2018 Summer Back Yard

2018 Balmoral Hotel

2018 Bottle Lady

2018 Bus Stop

2018 Café

2018 Vancouver Church Steps

2018 Dan's House

2018 Dude Chilling

2018 Girl with Phone

2018 Nighttime Back Lane

2018 Old Store near Fraser Street

2018 Order Online

2018 Produce Store (Sunrise Market)

2018 Rooming House (1st and Clark Drive, Vancouver)

2018 Sleeper on Steps

2018 Sproat Lake Cottage SOLD

2014 Binner

2014 Beggar #1

2014 Homeless #1

2014 Bottle Lady

2013 Chinatown alley

2012 – Finn Slough SOLD

2012 Finn Slough #2 SOLD

2012 Wharf at Port Astoria

2012 VanDusen Forest Centre SOLD

2004 Crete

2004 Heidelberg

2009 Australia – one of the many that suited the harsh light.

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